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Because we understand the patient is the only revenue producer.We track everything to help you control your costs.

Intelligent and customizable software you can train to focus on your priorities and alert you when things need your attention.

MAX can be trained to track your daily activities and let you know:

  • Are you PDGM Ready?
  • Can you pass an Audit ?
  • Are your Referrals trending up or down?
  • Are your claims submitted on time ?
  • Are your nurses visiting their patients when they should?
  • Who did what during an episode and when did they do it ?
  • Are you vulnerable to takebacks ?

MAX automates your checklist of things that need to be done.


Compasio MAX

Management Analytics Express.
Software you can train to help you deal with the ever changing regulatory requirements.
Automation for every part of your Agency.

From scheduling to document management to billing to checking patient eligibility, we automate every part of your agency. Human error will become a thing of the past

Instant visuals on the big picture.

Fortuna MAX doesn’t just track for you – it analyzes the information so that you can see what’s slowing your business down and how to improve it quickly.

Outstanding Customer Support.

We provide phenomenal support. From day one we walk you through every single step of the startup and integration process and make sure you are up and rolling in no time. We also provide exceptional ongoing phone support and office visits after go-live to answer any questions.

We are happy to listen to your needs and tailor solutions to meet them.