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Because we understand the patient is the only revenue producer and that everything else is cost

We track everything to help you control your costs.


Our mission is to make the process of running your home health agency simple, straightforward, and easy to manage.

When we were approached to create this platform, we were newcomers to the scene – which meant we were able to look at the challenges of running a home health agency with fresh eyes and no preconceptions. It was obvious that agencies had too much documentation to track,which makes many agencies vulnerable to audits,ADRs and takebacks.
Ever changing regulatory requirements
Frequently changing regulatory requirements made taking care of patients and running a business at the same time an administrative headache.  
So we got to work creating a sophisticated software platform that is easy to use.

We automated every task we could

We automated as much as we could and opened up the system for you to add automation that fits your unique needs, alerts and reminders without back breaking fees.  
We re-imagined the calendar and scheduling system .
We also made it simple – and easy – to submit billing claims and check patient eligibility.
Then we got really innovative
We let you track and analyze trends within your business, giving you the tools you need to help your agency thrive and expand.


We track everything to help you control your costs